Volvo see 1268231 Volvo part no 1213920

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Scandcar Volvo Onderdeel nummer
Volvo see 1268231 Volvo part no 1213920 is available to buy in increments of 1
Volvo see 1268231
Volvo part no 1213920
Volvo 164 : Rubber body
Volvo 145 : Rubber body
Volvo 140/142/144 : Rubber body
More Information
Volvo part category Rubber carrosserie
Delivery time when not in stock 10 days
Brand Scandcar
Weight KG 0.250000
For volvo type

Volvo onderdeel gebruikt in

164 , Rubber carrosserie ,
145 , Rubber carrosserie ,
140/142/144 , Rubber carrosserie ,
Repareren period 30 days
Store Credit period 14 days

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  1. On the bottom plate for the right front seat
  2. Center against bulkhead under the hood
  3. Right in the engine compartment
  4. Near the windshield, on the dashboard
  5. In the right rear door pillar

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